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Unit Substation
Retrofit Replacement
Mining Transformers
Generator Step-Up
Grounding Transformers
Seismic Rated
Rectifier Duty
Load Tap Changing
Switchable Multi-Voltage
Traction Duty
Unit Auxiliary
Portable/Rental Power
Arc Furnace
VFD Duty
Production Test Transformers
Captive, Dedicated Load
Class 1, Div II
Coastal & Marine duty

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Secondary Unit Substation Type

Station Type

Padmount Type

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Speed: With a team built on knowledge and experience, Pacific Crest Transformers is the most responsive in the industry. Using a consultive approach, PCT will strive to understand the needs of our Customer, and their requirements, and deliver the Right Transformer at the Right Time.


Reliability: With over 90 years of quality service to the U.S. and beyond, Pacific Crest Transformers provides dependable products and customer service that often exceeds our customer’s expectations. Our customer base includes hundreds of companies and covers all 50 states, Canada and nearly every continent. Many of our customers include most top tier Fortune 500 companies.


Innovation: Pacific Crest Transformers is a leader in the design and construction of liquid filled distribution transformers with the flexibility to offer custom designs for pad mount, unit substation, station and specialty transformers to meet the demands of a fast paced and ever changing marketplace. Our hand-picked team of engineers and designers are the best in their field and see every challenge as a new opportunity to push the limits of the transforming industry.

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