Pacific Crest Transformers Expands Factory Capacity

18.11.2015 in Articles

Medford, OR,   Pacific Crest Transformers announces that it has added to its factory capacity here in Medford, doubling the size of its largest transformer. PCT will now be able manufacture transformers up to 30 MVA. “This represents another very significant step in growth of Pacific…

UL Rating Increases

30.06.2014 in Articles

Pacific Crest Transformers is proud to announce they have increased their UL rating from 46 kV to 69 kV for the Liquid-Filled Type Distribution Transformers with disc wound construction. Pacific Crest Transformers are also the first in the industry to offer a CUL label certifying…

Zigzag Grounding Transformers

19.02.2014 in Articles

I was taking my daily walk through the production floor a few years ago looking for photo opportunities to include in a training presentation. I came across a padmount transformer in the Final Prep area, opened the compartment doors to set up for a picture….

Retrofitting Wind Farm Step-up Transformers

19.02.2014 in Articles

The wind energy market in the United states has grown by nearly 2000% since the year 2000. As detailed below, according to the US Department of Energy, the installed base is presently at nearly 50,000 MW having grown 20 fold since the year 2000.  

Transformer Tank Construction

19.02.2014 in Articles

Pacific Crest Transformers is a leader in the design and construction of liquid filled distribution and power transformers with the flexibility to offer custom designs for pad mount, substation, station and specialty transformers.  

Multi-Voltage Testing Transformers

19.02.2014 in Articles

Anyone familiar with Pacific Crest Transformers is aware that the company offers a wide range of specialty transformers to suit a host of load applications. This month’s paper will focus on transformers built for two OEMs that require multiple voltage arrangements to energize and test…

Wye/Wye Transformers & Tertiary Windings

19.02.2014 in Articles

Although care must be exercised when using a wye-wye connected transformer, it has important advantages over other three-phase transformer connections. The primary and secondary circuits are in phase (no phase angle displacements). This is an important advantage where transformers are used to interconnect systems of…

Rectifier Duty Transformers

19.02.2014 in Articles

Transformers play an important role in industrial applications, especially in metallurgical plants and processes. Very high currents need to be supplied for AC and DC electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces utilized in the aluminum, copper, zinc, chlorine, and carbon industries, as well as for…

Step-Up Transformers

19.02.2014 in Articles

The vast majority of installed transformers are used to distribute power to industrial, commercial, and residential loads. As such they step voltage down from a distribution level (typically 35 kV or lower) to 600 V class. Conventional distribution transformer construction is adequate since loading tends…

Dissolved Gas Analysis of Liquid Filled Transformers

19.02.2014 in Articles

Hydrocarbon or mineral-based oils and silicones are used as insulation fluids in transformers because of their high dielectric strength, heat transfer properties and chemical stability. These fluids are also considered the “lifeblood” of the transformer. Just as a blood sample can provide a doctor with…