The Right Transformer

At Pacific Crest Transformers, we don’t mass produce transformers, we custom-craft each one for the best possible outcome.  We team up with you from the start to design and engineer the RIGHT transformer to suit your needs at a competitive price. No matter the conditions or the size of the job, our transformers out-perform our competition every time.

Choose the Right Transformer and let our 90 years of experience go to work for you.

New! GEORG-Cut Core Production Pricing is now available here.


Offering custom designs for pad mount, unit substation, station, power and specialty transformers.


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Market Solutions

Oil & Gas, Mining, Steel, Power Generation, Renewables, Industrial Manufacturing and many more.


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News & Updates

 Is Solar the Favored Renewable Energy Source?
– Electrical Substation components


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North American Repair Center

Repair, Refurbish, Rewind, Redesign, Repurpose. Servicing all makes &  models from our repair center.


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